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Designed, drawn and rendered by Daniel Borosa.
All the photographs by ©Daniel Borosa.

Construction, renovation and conservation work was undertaken by Architettura Ltd. of Corby Glen under leadership of conservation expert Mark Hamblin.


Georgian Country House in Baston, Lincolnshire

Located in the centre of Baston, a village and parish on the edge of The Fens and in the administrative district of South Kesteven, Lincolnshire, England. 

The entire construction and conservation work was conducted under the supervision of a British conservator and director of Architettura Ltd. Mark Hamblin.

Georgian House from 1773.
A Conservation Project in Baston, Lincolnshire



Georgian architecture carried features of architectural expression throughout the Anglo-Saxon world between 1714 and 1830. Generally speaking, it was marked by an emphasis on symmetry, while the proportions were mostly taken from the early Renaissance period, which in turn was based on the ancient architecture of Greece and Rome.

Traditional English Village

The process of renovation and reconstruction of the building will transform the originally built family house in a way that will maximally protect and reconstruct Georgian cultural features, but also arrange it in a way that will meet current building building regulations and add modern elements according to the owner's wishes and needs.

Baston house -3D Gallery

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