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Design Services

Tailored to Your Needs

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Project Inception

Solving Problems Before They Exist

Daniel Borosa works hard to ensure every project meets the agreed-upon budget and deadline. That’s why he believes the Project Inception is such a crucial stage of every venture. Contact him to find out more about his methodology and approach.

Schematic Design

Smart Solutions Guaranteed

Schematic Design is a vital stage in every project and the service that Daniel Borosa enjoys the most. No matter the size or scope of your planned project, get in touch to discuss what he can add to your plans.

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Engineer Checking Rails

Design Development

The Foundation for Success

Design Development is one of the most important elements in the whole process. If done correctly, it can be a pivotal point in the project. Get in touch with Daniel Borosa to discuss more about what he can provide with this particular service.

Classical Architecture and BIM

Heritage and Conservation

As is the case with modern architecture, the use of 3D, 4D, and 5D technology is increasingly present in archaeological and historical research. Digital creativity and possibilities in the reconstruction of former architectural structures and environments are almost immeasurable as digital tools are getting increasingly advanced due to new technologies including Artificial Intelligence. Daniel Borosa draws and designs 2D-6D architectural objects of historical significance, whether existing or decayed. 

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Advanced Technologies

Digital Presentation Limits


The transition of CAD and BIM technologies to the next level is no longer a subject of the distant future. Wearable technology, 5G and 6G Internet and Internet of Things, holographic projections and maps, are the direction in which engineering presentations will move.  However, for these technologies to be realized, CAD software powered by AI with much larger computing capacities (such as calculations used in meteorology and theoretical physics) is needed which will also raise the price for commercial use.

Engineering & Construction companies use prints to visualize complicated 3D projects as refineries and plants.
Credits: Zebra Imaging, NET Engineering  S.p.A.

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Structural Engineering and MEP

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