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I am a qualified Engineering Technician and BIM designer and looking for creative opportunities in CAD / BIM technology, construction, architecture, and engineering. Methodical in approach with a good sense for figures and measurements and a good understanding of engineering design principles and interpretation of drawings. I have working experience with Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit since their 2008 version. I am skilled in preparing BIM documentation, producing and revising layouts, schedules, and renderings, including photo-realistic visualisation and structural calculations, and experienced in CAD block and Revit family creation.

With almost 15 years of professional work in creative media, I have gained the highest level of experience in the audio-visual field including knowledge of all the relevant digital technologies that accompany these professions. I am skilled and trained in TV post-production, linear and non-linear editing, special effects design and camera shooting. In addition to my experience and personal qualities, I also have a solid educational foundation and a passion for research and development. I have signed several achievements, including a delivery of several successful audio-visual research projects, in which I assisted in writing grant applications, projects and tenders that were part of the EU Horizon 2020 and Creative Europe funding programs.

My primary interest is structural engineering, calculations of stresses on all areas of the building, design and assessment of structural integrity. I am enthusiastic and looking to build on my extensive range of theoretical and technical skills in architectural design, advanced drafting systems, and structural engineering. My ability to master complex ideas and deep desire to learn new things ensured that I continually grew within the technological advances. I value working in a collaborative environment, and I’m equally comfortable working independently. I have been on projects where I have worked separately, whether from wireframing of the product or all the way through to prototyping and delivering, whether through design, analyses or technical testing. 

I have worked for several British companies including - Architettura Ltd Grantham on several historic building restoration projects and JRL Modular Ltd in Carlton-on-Trent, a division of JRL Group Corporation on MEP design. I currently work for KSA Structural & Civil Engineering in Nottingham.

Specifications and Detailing

  • Able to develop and produce sophisticated CAD and BIM content and undertake design detailing and scheduling, including phased planning.

  • Experienced in communicating technical issues to co-professionals, contractors, and clients.

  • Possess knowledge of MEP systems, methodology and standards of how installations should be routed and coordinated up to a 4D design level of detail.

  • Able to build sophisticated 2D, 3D, and 4D models in Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD and Advance Steel.

  • I am skilled in transferring Revit 3D models into BEXEL Manager for additional workflow development in 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D for management and analyses

  • According to the needs for engineering project management, I use Microsoft Office tools like Excel, Access or Project.

  • Familiar with using Navisworks Manage software.

  • Review and utilize contract documents and drawings to prepare 3D+ construction layout drawings using Revit Architecture, MEP, Structure, and AutoCAD.

  • Experienced in design, 2D/3D reconstruction and photo-realistic visualisation of all the aspects of classical architecture including the effect of dynamic de-construction of elements.

  • I am able to identify potential construction problems and anomalies and be able to make adjustments in line with the client's standards to maximize the functionality and efficiency of the project, following the legal regulations.

  • Ready to create coordination drawings and attend coordination meetings with any other trades using RSA and Navisworks to fast resolve all issues.

  • Create accurate Fabrication Drawings for HVAC systems following company standards and work methodologies.

  • Create detailed, accurate structural documents for construction projects (commercial and residential).

  • Work with a principal engineer to make corrections to the drawings under tight deadlines.

  • I am committed to designing projects that focus on positive environmental impact and environmental sustainability.

  • Possess working knowledge of the UK and European codes of practice.

  • I am assessing the structural load of new and existing developments.

Education and Training

  • Advanced Diploma in Structural Engineering (EngTech): College of Contract Management, Farnham Surrey.

  • University Diploma in CAD and BIM Architecture, The University of Derby, Derby.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Media (level VII), The University of Brighton, Brighton.

  • Digital Film Preservation and 3D Restoration; Limacine Ritrovata - Film Restoration Laboratory and FIAF, Bologna Italy.

  • Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in English History, The University of Oxford, Oxford.

  • Associate Degree in CAD Technology, Information College Algebra, Zagreb Croatia.

  • School of Applied Arts, Technology and Design, Zagreb Croatia.

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